About JW Team


JW Real Estate Professionals and JW Real Estate Mortgages is comprised of real estate and mortgage experts who have more than 37 years of combined experience in all aspects of this industry. Our team of experts have honed their craft in all aspects of the real estate business, as well as being owners and investors themselves and now offering their unique knowledge and experience to buyers, sellers and investors alike.

Our experienced team serves clients in all regions of Ontario, with a particular focus in Southern Ontario. Our team has a comprehensive network of trusted individuals and organizations, that offer all the services you might need during a transaction, from mortgages, private lending, home inspectors, lawyers, home staging, decorating, renovators, handymen, painters, property management and the list goes on…

We have developed long lasting and trusted relationships with all of our sellers, buyers, investors and lenders, ensuring client satisfaction throughout the years.



What truly distinguishes JW Real Estate Professionals and JW Mortgage Professionals, is our approach to every transaction, which is tailored to the needs and circumstances of every individual client. And the fact that we are innovators, knowledgeable, detail oriented and technologically savvy, using the best and the latest technology available to complement our marketing and strategies for our our clients, ensuring that we derive the maximum value for each client, with every opportunity.

We are not about chasing commissions. We don’t have to. We stand behind our clients and they stand behind us. If you are exploring your options as a buyer, seller or as an investor, you will not find another more transparent and exceptional experience anywhere. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation or complimentary home market evaluation.