Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Agatha

"I just want to thank you again for the great job you did for selling my house! I really admire the professional manner you have conducted the sales process, even when there were other 13 offers on the table, you were all the time in control of the action but allowed me to take my own decision! I will be Always grateful for you and will recommend the JW Team to everyone."Agatha

By: Elsa C.

Thank you both for your work and your continued support throughout every step of the way in our home purchase. We are picking up the keys right now. May God bless you and be with you always. Elsa C.

By: Suzanne T

I wouldn't trust anybody but Julio and Wendy with our number 1 investment; we don't have stocks or bonds, we have our home! and they make sure that we get the maximum benefit and the best service.

By: Debbi A

I cannot say enough about how much and how impressed I have been with you, your husband, and the lovely staff. I am so happy! You are a professional team and should be #1 in Canada. I have had many real estate agents/brokers over the years and your team is exceptional. Warn Regards.

By: Cindy C

Thank you for responding to my email, we are enjoying our new home and thanks to you and Wendy for finding it for us. I am happy we went with you in our first purchase. Most definitely I will recommend any of my friends and family members to purchase a home with you, there was nothing wrong that I can say about this wild ride that we have gone through. We learned a lot and now understand every single step in purchasing a home, but I don't think we will be leaving from there anytime soon the move was really hard and crazy. I don't want to move again lol... Well I won't take more time, I wish you both only the best and may God bless you.

By: Brian M

Thank you Julio and Wendy, you did an amazing job! The brochures and the pictures are so good that I don't want to sell the house anymore (just kidding)! We are really impressed. When the listing came out we had at least 50 viewings, I am really excited about what's to come. Thank You so much!

By: Astrid M

Thank you SO much Julio. You literally pulled through every obstacle and make it happen! My family and I are thankful for this miracle! You're our Realtor until no end! :D I will refer you to my whole ACN family and friends! :D Thank YOU!

By: Isabel C

I just wanted to thank you for your newsletter about government programs. This is excellent information for a first time buyer such as myself. Clear, concise and extremely useful information. I appreciate it!